The fitness of the body may be a luxury but regular training to achieve it, is not. This should be a ritual like you sleep, eat or go to work every day. There are so many suggestions from professionals and laymen when you ask about the fitness program to follow. As singer Rihanna said to a magazine "Cardio is the key. I have a personal trainer who travels with me if we have a big event coming up. I work out every day but I need a trainer to motivate me.". One must follow what suits your body better.

Age old mantras for physical fitness has been to eat well and exercise well, it’s never going to change ever. But with the changing time few points have been added to make your fitness program complete. Check on these eight points which people do to stay fit.


Dieting? No- Only health food

Fitness and diet are made for each other. Fit people don’t flirt with various food programs or indulge in trying out something new each day. They stick to healthy food and make it the tool of their lifestyle. But we are living in a world with many temptations. One has to attend social gatherings, festive parties and corporate lunch etc. It becomes unlikely to keep up with the routine on such occasions. The dieticians recommend 80/20 nutrition plan where 80% place is for nutritious food. The idea is not so complicated, eat what keeps you going untiringly with full energy through the day.

Katy Perry follows ‘out of sight, out of mind’ policy for the junk food she loves such as French fries and potato chips. She says that she does not keep any such food at home that is liked by her but not good for her wellbeing. Green farm produce is the answer for having organic and healthy food as Alicia Silverstone told about her food program.

In nutshell, healthy and fit people’s food regime is focused on eating green and healthy food only. The food for them is their religion, not impulsive indulgence.


Enjoy exercising

Often it’s seen that people shun away from exercises. No matter how much they make promise to themselves before they go to sleep, in the morning they try to find out escape route from shaking a leg. You must be knowing someone near you who bought sneakers and exercising gears, after few days they are back where they used to be found in the morning, snoozing in the bed.

On the flip side, fit people always look to have their session in gym regularly. They look forward to it and never shun away from it. Studies point out for the people who don’t enjoy the normal ways of exercises as the fit people do, can follow different program suiting them.

HIIT- High Intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of short duration exercise that is intense anaerobic with less intense recovery time. In other words, the hard and intense exercises are done in spurts in short duration then resting then repeat. This may take between 10 to 20 minutes.

Jennifer Lopez motivates all to achieve good health by eating and working out well. She said. “When I eat, you eat. When I sweat, you sweat. When I run, you run. Let's kick start a healthy lifestyle together”.

Enjoy exercising and working out because it’s your tool to stay fit.


Sleep-a rejuvenator

People who are fit has this enviable sleep track record. They work hard on their body, they eat harmonious food with their health, but they never ignore the sleep. Your sleep is not comparable to your car that you park in garage in night and start again when you go to work. Your sleep is like taking car to the service station. It repairs your body’s damaged cells, repairs your strained muscles, boosts up your body energies. Even a good sleep can help you to have a better memory. The experts feel, sometime what you can’t do when awake, you can do that in sleep. Jennifer Lopez swears by eight hours a night as her number-one beauty secret. “Sleep is my weapon,” she once said. "I try to get eight hours a night. I think what works best is sleep, water—and a good cleanser."


Well hydrated

The water is our lifeline, and healthy people take good care of their body system by taking water regularly. The water not only quenches the thirst, it detoxifies and regulates metabolism of the body. As Jennifer Aniston gives credit to drinking of water for her beauty and health. She takes about 100 ounces (3 liter) of water religiously.

In Indian ancient medical science practice ‘Ayurveda’ advocates drinking from copper alloy vessel. Keeping it filled overnight and drinking water in the morning help detoxify the body. Amazingly, this has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Eat less meat

The experts say the studies show that people who drop meat eating entirely or reduce it, have been found to lose the weight considerably. Olivia Wilde, an American actress, attributes her slim figure to not eating meat as she said ‘’meat is a big calorie packer”. You don’t have to cut down on meat completely to reap healthy benefits. Here also you can have that 80/20 nutrition plan, 80% vegetarian food and 20% meat. Some nutritionists suggest meat eaters to make the replacement with vegetarian food slowly. Start from one day in a week then keep on adding more vegetarian food days.

Great Gatsby and Spidermanstar Toby Maguire became a vegetarian in 1992 and a vegan in 2009. He said from his childhood he never relished meat, hence it was easy for him to drop the habit when he decided. But becoming a vegan was a bit difficult for him. He is happy now to enjoy the blissful change.

Fit people who are off meat enjoy better health as they have less disease risks with less   cholesterol, stroke, cancer, type-II diabetes etc. And the plants are rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, folate and vitamins C and E. So change your habits for better and fitter body condition.


Fit people are fit for every situation

Fit people are not only limited to their gym regime but they are active overall in all walks of life. They develop a sense of discipline in life from home to office to social circles. The successful people are fitness conscious as they have the pressures to cope up and like to remain in the front in every situation.

How they remain active in general life.

     They never leave walking opportunity

     They prefer to take stairs to elevators.

     Always interested to take on outdoor activities such as tennis, camping, trekking, hiking, bike rides.

     Always restless in sedentary style if forced upon them.

     Fit people are gritty and go-getters

     They are not fickle and not tempted easily

     Fit people are more focused in whatever they do

Ben Afleck for instance takes his fitness to outdoors and take his daughter to several activities such as Basketball and hiking whenever possible.



A physically fit person should find some time away from noise and distractions to explore power of the inner self. There are many forms of Meditation. Whatever way you meditate, ensure that you are in a quiet place with soft light, sit with good posture and in a comfortable position, practice slow, rhythmic breathing, and concentrate on something calm and relaxing. Meditation is indeed a great stress reliever, which is vital for good health.


Fit and happy

A physically fit person enjoys the fruits of life more and remain happier than the one who is unfit. As the reasons for pain and disease are decreased by keeping fitness level high. A fitter person will show these happy & positive traits.

      Physically fit person never shrugs away the responsibilities

      Fitter person wakes up early to do the walks, jogging and exercises. Early risers have better success ratio in life.

      Feel better physically and mentally

      Better in looks

      Keep enjoying choice activities all through the life

      Keeps a better sex life

      Stays far from anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression

      Longer life


Any person can be fit in life with the will of still to do it. First step is to make your desire strong and hit hard for results. What Kim Kardashian did with herself is amazing as she made a program to lose extra pounds off her and did away with the temptations. She cut off all the junk food, had her breakfast daily and hit the gym. Look now what enviable figure she has now. This is all in the mind so don’t wait ‘just do it’.