ADRO offers quality casual wear in the widest variety which makes it easy to choose, at prices that are easy-to-reach and excellent service support which makes shopping easy to enjoy.

Made from select fabrics, styled in different color options and crafted with care, ADRO clothing makes the fashion-conscious generation feel carefree, comfortable and confident.

Today, with the first phase of product introduction tried and tested, ADRO is ready to take wing… faster, higher, stronger… through multiple products for men and women, soon for young ones as well, in multiple colors, multiple fabric genres, robust deliveries and above all, at surprising prices!

ADRO’s identity reflects its unique style… its exploration of variety, targeting of good taste and overall refreshing simplicity

Its tagline ‘Keep Inventing’ is the reflection of its own entrepreneurial spirit, as well as expressing the customer’s aspirations to dream for what is further possible.


To be the most preferred choice in quality casual wear at affordable prices that serves the best customer experience.


To connect with the expressive new generation as the casualwear brand of choice through promoting continually fresh and contemporary designs sourced from quality manufacturers offered at sensible price points and delivered through superior service to the customer.


To revolutionize the way people think of casual wear clothing.


ADRO understands you.

You can trust this brand to give you the variety and quality you hope for.

ADRO is a badge you can flaunt.

ADRO helps you express yourself.